Buddy Program Enhances Leadership and Learning!

Buddy Program Enhances Leadership and Learning!
Posted on 06/08/2024

At HCCS, we take great pride in fostering connections between our middle school students and their younger peers. Every week, our 8th graders team up with 1st graders as Reading Buddies. They choose their favorite books, settle down on the hallway floor, and embark on spectacular adventures through the pages.

But that’s not all! Our 7th and 2nd graders also form buddy pairs to enjoy a variety of math games. They explore mathematical concepts together through dice games, dominoes, math puzzles, and brain teasers, all while having a great time learning!

These buddy sessions serve a dual purpose: they not only enhance the skills of our young students but also nurture leadership qualities in our middle schoolers. By acting as role models and leaders, our older students contribute to a positive learning environment.

We firmly believe that these interactions not only boost educational skills but also build character, shaping the leaders of tomorrow. We’re very proud of all of our Buddies!